Doorwin Missouri Project of American Casement Window With Foldable Crank Handle — Aluminum Clad Oak Wood Window

About The Project:

Doorwin project of American Casement Window With Foldable Crank Handle is located in Missouri. It‘s a personal villa of two story with basement. We are happy to represent this great project to you. The main window types are American casement window with foldable crank and with top transom or fixed window, featuring fully divided lites add more decorative appeal to the window. It looks just amazing. The window type features interior oak wood and exterior aluminum cladding, and American brand hardware TRUTH and grille design.

Also, nailing fin is provided for easy installation and seamlessly welding joint technique improves strength and aesthetics. What’s more, non finger-joint wood is offered to represent the beauty of origin wood.

The Drawing Of The Project

Doorwin window experts discuss with the details with clients, respect clients’ preference and the performance need, they decide to make American casement window with round top transom or fixed window.

The Customer’s Feedback

After receive the windows, the client is very satisfied with the quality and aesthetics, and said “All is good and will certainly bother u on next windows project”

Why do Clients like Doorwin’s American Casement Window With Foldable Crank Handle?


That’s a question that Doorwin window experts frequently answered. The reason why Doorwin’s American casement window is popular among clients is: Doorwin’s American casement window are of great quality with advanced techniques and customized design.


Doorwin’s Quality


Doorwin’s American casement window features oak wood interior and exterior aluminum cladding. Oak wood is imported from USA or Canada. Oak is one of popular hardwood that used for windows. For aluminum profiles, we use extruded aluminum with thickness up to 1.4mm to provide excellent strength and resistance to deformation. Many companies use thicker profiles. But Doorwin doesn’t sacrifice quality.


Customized Design


Usually we recommend finger joint wood for better strength, but we decide to use non finger-join wood due to the need of clients.


For aluminum profiles, color options are all available in 250 RAL colors. We can even make rare colors like metallic and pearl.


Advanced Techniques


Doorwin American Casement window features a nailing fin/flange or easy and quick installation. In this way, we help clients to save more potential cost. With our advanced technique of seamless welding joint, the four corners are ground smooth and weld seamlessly. It looks it’s naturally connected.

About Doorwin

Doorwin is one of the leading window manufacturers in China, have been providing high end aluminum and wood windows and doors for years to USA, Canada, Europe and Australia. All of our customers love Dooriwin’s products, and get back to us with their compliments. Doorwin is good at making windows of all types, from traditional to modern types. One of Doorwin’s wonderful projects of American Casement Window With Foldable Crank Handle is in Missouri, the middle part of part of USA.

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