Doorwin Project of Tilt Turn Window In Caribbean Sea — Thermal Break Aluminum Window

About The Project:


One of Doorwin’s projects of tilt turn window is located in Turks & Caicos Island, near Caribbean Sea. This project is a personal villa by the lake. This is one of our best projects of tilt turn window in thermal break aluminum profiles, featuring built-in shutters and arched top fixed windows. It matches just well with lake view. We are excited to introduce it to you.


It applies the advanced European opening of dual functions of tilt turn opening, so it combines the advantages of both casements and hoppers. Arched top fixed window adds decorative appeal to the window, with customized grille design. Double glazing fully tempered glass is our standard option to meet the need of performance. Germany originally made brand hardware and accessories provide safety, durability and longevity.  

The Design Of Drawing


After we carefully and local climate, location and the plan drawing with clients, we decide to work on tilt turn window in thermal break aluminum windows with tilt turn opening for this project, based on the clients’ preference and our design experience. Tilt turn window is popular window type in Europe featuring dual functions by the orientation of the handle. When it turns 90 degrees, it’s a casement. When it turns 180 degrees, it’s a top opening hopper. Tilt turn window combines the advantages of casement and hopper.


Besides that, we offer arched top fixed window with grille design to provide stylish look. The window combination makes the overall window classic and beautiful. Built-in shutter to provide more privacy. With it, you probably don’t need curtains. With those, our tilt turn windows are classic and modern.


The Customer’s Feedback


When all the products are installed, our clients are very excited to tell us “They look great”. Everyone is happy with the quality and beauty of our products, and sure to recommend us next time.

Why is Doorwin Tilt Turn Window?


You may wonder questions like that. What makes Doorwin trustworthy? That is a simple and difficult questions, By simple, Doorwin keeps satisfied its clients with excellent Quality and beautiful products with a customized design. Doorwin means to provide the freedom to design. By difficult, Doorwin pursuits to maintain the excellent quality while provides the most reasonable price to all customers. We offer direct customized sales to our clients with our three own factories without sacrificing quality.


Why is Doorwin Tilt Turn Window? Here Are The Reasons:


Tilt Turn Windows In Thermal Break Aluminum Profiles


Tilt turn window is an advanced European window types with dual functions. When it turns 90 degrees, it’s a casement. When it turns 180 degrees, it’s a top opening hopper. Tilt turn window combines the great airtightness, water tightness and energy efficiency of a casement and all weather convenience of a hopper.


Doorwin tilt turn window features thermal break aluminum. Aluminum is a good conductor, that means it’s not energy efficient especially in winters and summers. Doorwin applies thermal break aluminum on tilt turn windows. With a polyamide bar (Polyamide 66, or Nylon 66) PA66 applied in the middle of aluminum profiles to break or insulate the heat and cold, thermal break aluminum provides good energy efficiency and durability than average aluminum profiles. Color options are all available at 250 RAL classic colors.


Arched Top Fixed Window With Customized Grille Design


Regular windows are what we usually seen. But irregular window do add different touch to your homes. Arched top fixed window adds more beauty to the overall window combination. Besides traditional fully divided lites of horizontal and vertical bars, Doorwin customized grille are specially designed into arched shape to perfectly match the arched top windows. This is one of examples that Doorwin means to provide freedom to design.


Built- In Blinds/ Shutters


Shutters are applied to control the amount of sunlight and provide privacy, sometimes also referred to blinds. Doorwin built-in shutters are installed between the glass panes. It provides free control to the amount of sunlight and privacy to a room. You might not need to install curtains. Built-in shutters are low maintenance and adds modern element to homes. Doorwin built-in shutters are available in manual operator and remote controllers.


About Doorwin


Doorwin is one of the major window manufacturers in China, mainly providing premium wood/ aluminum windows and doors. The company has been exporting its products to North America, Europe and Australia for years and has done many wonderful projects. Clients love Doorwin’s products and get back to them with testimonials. Doorwin exceeds your expectations on windows and doors, with excellent quality and performance as well as beautiful look. Contact Doorwin to find your project solutions at

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